Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Why Is It Important To Follow Viagra Dosage Recommendations?

When it comes to taking Viagra, consuming the right dosage composition is important. That’s because each of the My Canadian Pharmacy Viagra pill is formulated with specific measured composition.

Viagra is a highly effective pill medically prescribed for people suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is a PDE5i drug that when consumed, can work to affect the width of blood vessels inside a human body, relaxing them and easing the level of blood flow to the penis. However, the action of Viagra can vary from person to person. This however, will depend on the age, stamina and other health factors of a patient.

Different drug dosage will react differently in different human body. How a particular Viagra dosage will react in a human body will depend on the level of effectiveness and toleration. The effect of stimulation generated when a person gets excited may have a toll on the heart of a person. That is why elderly people are often recommended to take lower Viagra dosage.

Choosing the Right Viagra Dosage

Viagra generally comes in three dosage types. They are:

  • 25 mg
  • 50 mg
  • 100 mg

While consumption of a 50mg Viagra tablet is the common dosage that people are generally recommended, some also get prescribed a lower dosage. This however will depend on the health background or other medications that a person is taking.

Here an outlook of the different Viagra dosage recommendations and how they are prescribed to different people

25mg Viagra Dosage


  • A 25 mg Viagra tablet is actually the smallest size that is recommended to ED patients if they have
  • Already suffered from any side-effects
  • If they are taking alpha-blockers

Some possible benefits of taking a 25mg Viagra dosage:

  • Lowered side-effects risk
  • Ability to treat almost 63 percent of Erectile Dysfunction patients effectively
  • Is often used as a sample test to check how a person’s body is reacting to the composition after which the dosage can be increased if necessary

50mg Viagra Dosage

ViagraThis is the most common dosage that doctors prescribe to patients. They are recommended to people who are:

  • Taking impotence treatment for the first time
  • Not having any pre-existing medical conditions to worry about
  • Not taking any other medications alongside

Some medical benefits of taking in a 50mg Viagra dosage:

  • This chemical composition has helped almost 80 percent of the patients to achieve hard erection, enough for having sex
  • Can be used as sample test depending on which a dosage consumption level can be increased or decreased

100mg Viagra Dosage

ViagraThe 100 mg Viagra composition is the strongest dosage that one can avail from a My Canadian Pharmacy store. They are recommended to patients who are:

  • Suffering from impotence for a long period
  • Have not suffered from any side-effects

Some medical benefits to patients consuming a 100mg Viagra dosage:

  • Can be recommended to treat patients suffering from the most severe forms of impotence
  • Has been an effective treatment that has helped almost 82 percent of the patients with erectile dysfunction

The dosage can be further increased depending on how the body will be able to adjust with the reactions.