Activities Provided

Middle School and HIgh School Group
Sundays starting at 9:45 am, the Middle and High School group creates new events individually and for groups stories, personal stories. Moreover we discuss the challenges and stories of Quaker.
Elementary School Group
Also starting on Sundays at 9:45 am, the Elementary School group tell stories about Quaker practices and beliefs. The main part of the lesson is to art movement occupation.
The Youngest
Each Sunday infants and toddlers methonds for care are described by My Canadian Pharmacy. This even starts at 9.45 am. We play together using books, toys and even other tools.
Young Adult Friends and Families
This group is given an opportunity for young adults and their families to communicate with each other in casual atmosphere.
Women’s Group
This group meets monthly and discusses everything about running home. Of course the themes are different. The classes are conducted funny with jokes but with very pleasant and useful information.
Couples Group
Couples Group gathers most months. This group has a requirement of visiting Couples Enrichment training prior to attend the classes. The group creates a soft and private environment in which to investogate as a couple and as a group various challenges with which couples and families come accross. The group trains dialogue ways to assist couples to listen to and understand each other. We have an paramount importance on positive changes in couples’ relationships. An yearly retreat let us spend time on focusing attention on dialoging methods, some social time together, and usually extended time to work on an important issue in a couples’ lives. The group practices in the manner of Friends with some time for silent seminars. The group is available to couples from a variety of faith communities.