About Psychomotor Restlessness

Psychomotor restlessnessAcute violations of mentality are often followed by movement disorder. In condition of excitement people make such movements which have a certain character, most often, the destructive. Psychomotor restlessness demands special attention, and the person who has undergone such a pathology needs the qualified help of the psychiatrist. Psychomotor restlessness is characteristic for many mental disorders, in other cases is the only manifestation of disease at all. On duration psychomotor restlessness can be multiple from several minutes to one week. A lot of things depend on intensity of movements, clinical manifestations of the main disease. Nevertheless, any condition of restlessness develops according to the identical scheme with similar symptoms:

  • the sharp beginning, at times, unexpected for people around;
  • the violation of the standard behavior model in society which is shown absolutely inadequate movements;
  • the patient’ s change of mood which is emotionally painted up to the heat of passion;
  • the aggression in actions of the patient directed on defense, attack, or having suicide background.

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The Types of Psychomotor Restlessness

Depending on a background on which pathological physical activity develops, we distinguish the following types of psychomotor restlessness:

  1. depressive
  2. maniacal
  3. delirious
  4. postconvulsive
  5. psychopathic
  6. catatoniac
  7. hebephrenic
  8. psychogenic

Each of the listed states has peculiar features and symptoms. Psychomotor restlessness at depressive type differs in suicide orientation. Patients try to commit suicide, without paying attention to reaction of people around. The condition of mania is characterized by irrepressible energy. The person undertakes a huge number of affairs, but any of them can’t finish as there is a lot of thoughts in the head mixing up. Thus some of them can have aggressive character. Maniacal psychomotor restlessness is followed by verbosity and high spirits. Delirious restlessness, characteristic for manifestation of “delirium tremens”, is followed by fear and is directed on protection. Thus surrounding people can seem “helpers” of aggressors, and the patient can be dangerous to close people. Postconvulsive type obscuring of consciousness at epilepsy is the most dangerous condition of mental health. The consciousness of the patient is completely absent, and actions bear the extremely aggressive character. When postconvulsive psychomotor restlessness stops, the patient doesn’t remember anything. He is terrified to deeds, feels remorse, but can’t possess own consciousness. Psychopathic psychomotor restlessness arises as response to quite certain reason and it is directed exactly on “offender”. Thus quite intelligent action is noted. The movements of the psychopathic personality are demonstrative. Catatoniac psychomotor restlessness is characterized by the elaborate movements which aren’t making any sense. However the patient is capable to active resistance in attempts to limit freedom of its movements. Change of physical activity at hebephrenic form of schizophrenia have foolish character. Nevertheless, patients are quite capable to put a trauma to themselves and surrounding people. Psychogenic psychomotor restlessness is caused by a certain reason and is characterized by manifestations of panic fear for the life.

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Treatment of Psychomotor Restlessness

A sufferer in a condition of restlessness needs the emergency hospitalization in psychiatric hospital. For this purpose it is necessary to call a specialized ambulance crew. When psychomotor restlessness develops, treatment is appointed only by the psychiatrist. Primary tactics of health workers consist in an immediate immobilization of the patient. Fixing methods are for this purpose used by wide bandages. Law enforcement agencies are obliged to render assistance to doctors in special cases. When contact with the patient is possible, the doctor leads explanatory discussion. Surely say to the patient that his state demands hospitalization and treatment in a specialized hospital. Medicamentous influence is made also in the emergency order. Strong tranquillizers are used. Achievements of modern pharmacology allow to remove quickly psychomotor restlessness and not to allow undesirable consequences, both for the patient, and for surrounding people.

About Psychomotor Restlessness