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Please see the list below for who to contact in the Harrisburg Monthly Meeting.
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Name Title Purpose Email Order
John Hayden Treasurer Financial officer of the Meeting Treasurer@harrisburgfriends.org 3
John Hope Recording Clerk Records the decisions made at Meetings for Business RecordingClerk@harrisburgfriends.org 2
Carter Nash Assistant Clerk Works to support the Clerk AsstClerk@harrisburgfriends.org 1a
Ken Woerthwein Clerk Administrative leader of the Meeting Clerk@harrisburgfriends.org 1
Bill Pickering Assistant Treasurer Receives and deposits donations AssistantTreasurer@harrisburgfriends.org 3a
Nancy Alleman Clerk, Caring for Each Other Committee Pastoral care of our members and attenders CaringCommitteeClerk@harrisburgfriends.org 4
Carter Nash Clerk, Community Outreach Manage meetinghouse rental and use, outreach and assistance to the Greater Harrisburg community CommunityOutreachClerk@harrisburgfriends.org 6
John Hayden Clerk, Nurturing Our Youth Committee Responsible for Youth Religious Education and Activities (ages 0 to ±30 years) NurtureCommitteeClerk@harrisburgfriends.org 7
Andrew Hollenbush webmaster Responsible for harrisburgfriends.org. Info@harrisburgfriends.org 6
Richard Morse Clerk, Stewardship Committee Responsible for Finance & Property of the Meeting StewardshipCommitteeClerk@harrisburgfriends.org 8
Kay Pickering Clerk, Wider World Committee Works with groups and organizations of interest to Friends WiderWorldCommitteeClerk@harrisburgfriends.org 9
Laura Pickering Ford Clerk, Worship and Spiritual Growth Responsible for the spiritual well-being of members and of worship Worship-SpiritualGrowthCommitteeClerk@harrisburgfriends.org 5