Meeting Essence

Visit Meeting for Worship seminars at the center of the spiritual life. We observe strait performance of Friends practices in the Meeting for Worship for Business. During a Meeting for Business the practical methods are proved to support a revolt against unrighteous considerations in our society, what are the overarching goals for our Meeting’s yearly funds, who will be busy on our Website, and whether our spiritual education programs are responsive and meeting our needs. So the Meeting for Business is a empirical application of Friends’ practices.

It means that a solution is not applied by votation or majority rule. Rather, it is desirable to realize the Truth of matter and achieve Unity as a group.  Unity may mean the same as consensus.  Consensus is Unity is secular cousin. The differences can be soft. Unity may contain religious guidance and useful information, listening deeply to each other and the consecutive indexing of the Spirit, as well as possibly bestowing one’s views to those of the group, if that is where listening to the Spirit brings us.When Unity is organized in a proper way, the Clerk of Meeting will resume Sense of the Meeting and look for recognition. “Recognition” is heard by listeners and Minute is registered to understand properly what the decision is made in Unity. If this procedure undergoes practice the decision-making is remunerative. When a Minute is accepted, it is usually addressed to the Committee for action. If the Friends do not agree how the Meeting is organized, the Minute is not accepted and the discussion lasts further. There are different ways how to achieve approval, for example My Canadian Pharmacy works out the regulation rules helping to identify the main goals and commitments of each worker.

Supplement information can be found in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Faith and Practice, a book which reveals the main empirical ideas concerning Friends. Additional editions are accessible at Harrisburg Friends Meeting.

Harrisburg Monthly Meeting is a part of Caln Quarter. Caln Quarter includes nine monthly meetings. Quarterly Meeting for Business is conducted at each quarter of the year. Caln quarter also arranges yearly travelling seminar in the first weekend of May.

Harrisburg Monthly Meeting and its participants are also a part of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting includes 104 events which are arranged as 13 quarters (like Caln Quarter).

Members in our events: a monthly event includes such members as a clerk, recording clerk, treasurer, and recorder to perform all the meeting’s functions.

Committees are created as official groups that are occupied to the benefit of the Meeting. Membership for most committee includes both Members and Attendees of the Meeting. The majority of committees in our Meeting have more spiritual responsibility to take care of Meeting members and attendees, to assure we create the spiritual atmosphere, to supply people with religious ideas and education and make people understand we are glad to welcome all the members of our Meeting independently of age and sex. Two of our meetings deals with the links between the Meeting and the groups utilizing our Meeting place. A brief description of each of our committees is listed below.

  • Caring for Each Other Committee
  • Community Outreach Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Connecting in the Wider World Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Nurturing Our Youth Committee
  • Stewardship Committee
  • Worship and Spiritual Growth Committee

Additionally to committees, working groups is not so much official but play the important role for Meeting. Working groups have official and inofficial members concentrating on topic and area. When such a work is finished, the group is left behind. If the working group is considered this activity should be prolonged, in this case the responsibilities are divided into an existing committee and a newly formed one. Our Meeting includes two working groups.

  • Financial Working Group: This group supports the Meeting’s treasurer in various financial questions or issues that arise from time to time. Discussion of financial policies may start within this group before moving on to Stewardship Committee and the Meeting for Worship for Business.
  • Fall Retreat Working Group: This group organizes the Fall Retreat (usually occurs during the first weekend in October). It is a time when the Meeting Community gathers for an extended period of time together for a workshop, games, social time, and worship.

Financing the Meeting is founded on benefaction received from members and attendees. We have to pay for utilities and other bills. Tithing is not necessary to be paid. Members and attendees make a contribution into Meeting causing the support. Excluding the prudence around the contribution all the financial transactions of Meeting are argued. Financial decisions are the responsibility of the corporate Meeting.