Who We Are

When you visit a Quaker meeting place to adore with Friends (Quakers), you will look at a group sitting in complete silence. Nevertheless, suddenly the silence is broken with a statement that may cause heavenly inspiration. The silence assists when one person is attentively listening either to statements from the gathered group or for a gesture of / from God. In fact, Friends or Quakers have a strong belief that each of us can have a hospitable, unaffected relationship or union with the Divine (God, Spirit, the Creator). This relationship is spiritual and prolonging. Friends also have a strong belief in a obligement to living in ways that show this spiritual feelings in the world. Friends are often in positions where they can help or assist people or work on projects or movements beyond the meeting place. The Religious Society of Friends of the Truth (the full name for the corporate group of Friends) was established on the basical sense of Christianity. In the mid-1600s, a time of civil war and much political and social agitation in England, the Church of England was predominant for the country. George Fox, an profound man, created the activities of many who was studied to be ministers irreconcilable with his increasing and strengthening understanding of the Bible. For example, he found ministers who would drink and yet profess to be followers of Christ. Fox became competent in the Bible and was going to understand it completely.  He became profound at the moment of intense reveal that communion with God was not only possible but made us closer to God and the Truth. My Canadian Pharmacy investigates this sphere of people’s lives because it influences directly their minds as well as health condition. And health for us is above all things.
Today, there are some subgroups of Quakerism all over the world. In Harrisburg, Friends devote their lives to an “un-programmed” style—that is, silently, in expectant waiting on God. There is any religious leader but Friends are able to organize around a clerk with the work of the Meeting under the committees responsibility. The clerk is more of an executorial position and does not assume the role of a religious figure or leader. Both worship and the business of the Meeting are over-awed activities although there are different styles. Silence is observed during both Meetings for Worship and for Business, but Meetings for Business include talking and discussion for most of the time.
Here are some videos that depict the unprogrammed practice of Harrisburg Friends Meeting.
A description and videos of Meeting for seminars and what it feels like: Friends Meeting – Marcelle Martin, Jon Watts
Though this video is from a Meeting in Britain Yearly Meeting, nevertheless it supplies a wonderful, various summary of Friend’s experiences in Meeting for Worship.